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Looking for a unique, diverse, and  engaged 

Since 2009, Mischief Management has served hundreds of thousands of fans and delivered thousands of hours of unique and engaging programming to audiences all over the world.


Our fans are dynamic, representative, and engaged.

Let us help you unlock their passion for your brand.


Mischief is driven by the heart of fandom. We help our partners to deliver an authentic message and brand to an audience that is constantly changing in interest and engagement.


A 40 Net Promoter Score means audiences love our shows and promote them to their friends and family.


85% of fans rank Mischief Management events as Very Good or Excellent


95% of fans rank our programming and sponsored content as Very Good or Excellent

Brand Alignment

Mischief works to represent your brand in its truest form. Our collabortation will be aligned to your brand, designed to delight, and inspired by fan passion.


82% of partners felt that Mischief events match their core demographics.


83% of fans consider their ticket to be a good value.


98% of fans shop in the Marketplace during a convention.


Representation and Inclusivity

Mischief creates events that are fun, vibrant, and inclusive. We can help you focus on the fans, creating authentic interactions and unforgettable memories.

Mischief Management events focus on providing passionate, lively, and welcoming environments that are inclusive in terms of age, race, sexuality, gender identity and expression, national origin, language, education, body size, physical and mental ability, socioeconomic, marital, and veteran status, among others.

Past Partners

Let's work together!

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